A Vindication of the Rights of Women
by Mary Wollstonecraft
A Brief Sketch of the Life of Mary Wollstonecraft
Chapter 1 - The Rights and Involved Duties of Mankind Concidered
Chapter 2 - The Prevailing Opinion of a Sexual Character Discussed
Chapter 3 - The Same Subject Continued
Chapter 4 - Observations on the State of Degradation
to which Women is Reduced by Various Causes
Chapter 5 - Animadversions on some of the Writers who have
Rendered Women Objects of Pity Bordering on Contempt
Chapter 6 - The Effect which an Early Association
of Ideas has Upon the Character
Chapter 7 - Modesty Comprehensively Concidered
and Not as a Sexual Virtue
Chapter 8 - Morality Undermined by Sexual Notions
of the Importance of a Good Reputation
Chapter 9 - Of the Pernicious Effects Which Arise from
the Unnatural Distinctions Established in Society
Chapter 10 - Parental Affection
Chapter 11 - Duty to Parents
Chapter 12 - On National Education
Chapter 13 - Some Instances of the Folly which the Ignorance
of Women Generates; with Concluding Reflections on the
Moral Improvement that a Revolution in Femail Manners
Might Naturally be Expected to Produce