by George Bernard Shaw
I. Trailing Clouds of Glory
II. The Child is Father to the Man
III. What is a Child?
IV. The Sin of Nadab and Abihu
V. The Manufacturer of Monsters
VI. Small and Large Families
VII. Children as Nuisances
VIII. Child Fanciers
IX. Childhood as a State of Sin
X. School
XI. My Scholastic Acquirements
XII. Schoolmasters of Genius
XIII. What We Do Not Teach, and Why
XIV. Taboo in Schools
XV. Alleged Novelties in Modern Schools
XVI. What is to be Done?
XVII. Children's Rights and Duties
XVIII. Should Children Earn their Living?
XIX. Children's Happiness
XX. The Horror of the Perpetual Holiday
XXI. University Schoolboyishness
XXII. The New Laziness
XXIII. The Infinite School Task
XXIV. The Rewards and Risks of Knowledge
XXV. English Physical Hardihood and Spiritual Cowardice
XXVI. The Risks of Ignorance and Weakness
XXVII. The Common Sense of Toleration
XXVIII. The Sin of Athanasius
XXIX. The Experiment Experimenting
XXX. Why We Loathe Learning and Love Sport
XXXI. Antichrist
XXXII. Under the Whip
XXXIII. Technical Instruction
XXXIV. Docility and Dependence
XXXV. The Abuse of Docility
XXXVI. The Schoolboy and the Homeboy
XXXVII. The Comings of Age of Children
XXXVIII. The Conflict of Wills
XXXIX. The Demagogue's Opportunity
XL. Our Quarrelsomeness
XLI. We Must Reform Society before we can Reform Ourselves
XLII. The Pursuit of Manners
XLIII. Not too much Wind on the Heath, Brother
XLIV. Wanted: a Child's Magna Charta
XLV. The Pursuit of Learning
XLVI. Children and Game: a Proposal
XLVII. The Parents' Intolerable Burden
XLVIII. Mobilization
XLIX. Children's Rights and Parents' Wrongs
L. How Little We Know About Our Parents
LI. Our Abandoned Mothers
LII. Family Affection
LIII. The Fate of the Family
LIV. Family Mourning
LV. Art Teaching
LVI. The Impossibility of Secular Education
LVII. Natural Selection as a Religion
LVIII. Moral Instruction Leagues
LIX. The Bible
LX. Artist Idolatry
LXI. "The Machine"
LXII. The Provocation to Anarchism
LXIII. Imagination
LXIV. Government by Bullies