Part I: GIRLS by Mary Scharlieb

I. Changes Observable During Puberty and Adolescence in Girls
II. Our Duties Toward Adolescent Girls
III. Care of the Adolescent Girl in Sickness
IV. Mental and Moral Training
V. The Final Aim of Education

Part II: BOYS by F. Arthur Sibly

Preface to the Second Edition
Introductory Note
I. Prevalence of Impurity Among Boys: The Author's Own Experience
II. Prevalence of Impurity Among Boys: The Opinions of Canon Lyttelton
III. Causes of the Prevalence of Impurity Among Boys
IV. Results of Youthful Impurity
V. Sex Knowledge is Compatible with Perfect Refinement and Innocence
VI. Conditions Under Which Purity Teaching is Beat Given
Note to Correspondents